Information for Parents and Carers

At Oakfield Primary School, our school ethos is one of striving to achieve our best, recognising that we all have different strengths and interests. The ‘Helpful Habits for Learning’ outlined below support us in nurturing our ethos and strengthening the children’s learning ability through a variety of strategies and techniques.

We are all learners and we learn in many different ways! At Oakfield, we have developed a common language for learning across the school. The language is used in all classrooms, with all children, from Nursery right through to Year 6. This helps everyone talk about understanding learning to learn. We hope that the children will use and apply their understanding of learning into life outside school and we are sure that you will want to help them!

Understanding and applying our ‘Helpful Habits for Learning will:

  • encourage our children and teachers to become better learners
  • allow our children to approach difficulties in learning without fear of failure
  • allow our children to take small steps within learning
  • develop confidence throughout school
  • give our children and teachers a common language for learning

There are six identified ‘Helpful Habits for Learning’ at Oakfield.