Transition to High School

Preparations for moving on to high school begin when children are in Year 5. For pupils with a statement of Special Educational Need, the move to high school is discussed at annual review and suitable placements are suggested. Parents/carers are encouraged to make visits to prospective schools in order to make informed choices for their child. When places at high school have been allocated, our staff meet with staff from the high school to ensure that all relevant information about each child is shared. We work closely with all our local high schools to ensure that our children experience a happy and successful transition. All children undertake planned transition days at their new school and additional days are available to meet the needs of individual pupils. If necessary, Oakfield staff accompany the children on their transition days until they are settled. Before the children leave for high school, we undertake a planned programme of work to ensure that the children are socially and emotionally prepared for the change to a new school.