Keeping Children Safe

At Oakfield, we ensure that all necessary risk assessments are undertaken in order to keep our pupils safe. Our risk assessments include:

  • Premises risk assessments completed by the headteacher, Health and Safety Officer and external agencies as appropriate.
  • Classroom risk assessments completed by class teachers and Health and Safety Officer
  • Offsite educational visit risk assessments completed by the visit leader following a pre-visit and approved by the headteacher or Health and Safety Officer.
  • Individual pupil risk assessment completed by Inclusion Manager and class teacher and approved by headteacher or Health and Safety Officer.
  • Subject area risk assessments completed by subject leader or class teacher
  • Disclosure and Barring checks completed for all members of staff. List 99 checking on parent/carer helpers and volunteers.

At the start of the school day, doors open at 8.40am and pupils are met from the playground and supervised into their classrooms for an 8.50am start.  Some of our pupils arrive at school on local authority transport. These children enter school via the main entrance and are met by staff who escort them to their classrooms for registration.

At the end of the school day, pupils in the Infant classes are collected by parents/carers from the classroom doors. All Junior children leave the building via exits onto the main playground and parents/carers can collect them there. Pupils who go home on local authority transport are escorted to the main entrance and handed over to transport staff.

At break and lunchtime, pupils are supervised on the playground by teaching staff or trained midday assistants. Additional support is available for those pupils who may require it for feeding or toileting needs or for those pupils who may require social  inclusion support. Trained staff are always available to provide first aid.