Annual Reviews

Some of our pupils have Statements of Special Educational Need. These documents outline what the individual child’s needs are and how they should be met. The progress and provision for these pupils are reviewed continuously and all information gathered is shared and discussed at an Annual Review Meeting. Parents/carers, staff and other professionals, including an Education Officer, are invited to attend.

The Annual Review Process

  • The Annual Review is a child-centred meeting and the pupil attends for at least some part of the meeting.
  • During the meeting, information from the child, staff, parents/carers and other professionals is shared .
  • The purpose of the meeting is to ensure that provision for the child is appropriate and that it is meeting their needs.
  • The child’s progress and attainment is discussed and their successes are celebrated.
  • Documentation from the meeting is submitted to the Inclusive Services department at Tameside and any amendments to the statement that are required are made.