Sports Premium is used to provide additional sporting opportunities both during and after the school day. It is also used to provide support and training for staff in the delivery of the Physical Education curriculum.

Sports Premium 2021-2022

Our Sports Premium allocation for 2021-2022 is £17 790

Oakfield Vision for PE and Sport

 In PE we aim to improve ourselves to be:


  • Positive Thinking friends
  • Healthy friends
  • Skillful friends
  • Social friends


Through PE we aim to develop the whole child making it inclusive for every pupil in every activity. If pupils have a reasonable issue to excuse them from PE they are included as a coach, organiser or official where appropriate.

Positive thinking friends will

  • Make good decisions to improve performance.
  • Watch others and help them improve.
  • Lead pupils in fun activities.
  • Fairly referee or judge.

Healthy friends will

  • Talk about how exercise changes their body.
  •  Know how to stay healthy by exercising.
  •  Know about healthy food and drink.
  •  Eat and drink healthy.

Social friends will

  • Always have a positive attitude.
  • Always cooperate with others and help them.
  • Play fairly by the rules.
  • Give their best if they are winning or losing.

Skillful friends will

  • Always be active in lesson.
  • Develop skills all the time.
  • Be confident to try new activities.
  • Try new activities after school.

Sports Premium